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Jobs & Education - In this section: Requires employees ads Looking for work - the different courses, education, practice and training, and work abroad, and Employment Services, Money on the Internet and employment visas. in the United Kindom and  Jobs & Education

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Business services - Business and Services accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, legal in the United Kindom and  Business services

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Cars & Vehicles  - sales of passenger cars and freight cars, maintenance vehicles, car, motorcycles and bicycles, spare parts, shipping, yachts and boats. Buying, selling, renting of transport. in the United Kindom and  Cars & Vehicles

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Electronics - In this section, you can file a Deal type in the category of Computers and audio equipment, as well as TV, Video, DVD, Photo and optics. Consumer electronics and mobile phones, other communications and office equipment. in the United Kindom and  Electronics

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Real Estate - in this section - to search through the agency and the suggestions that you might be interested. private homes, apartments, houses, plots, forest and clearing services. Website, Database irr Incom - market assessment, purchase, sale, rental housing ads. The tax on mortgages, mortgage loan - new, office, villa. Your (or rielter) on sale of real estate abroad / foreign countries (Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus). in the United Kindom and  Real Estate

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Fashion & Style - appearance, approach, bearing, behavior, carriage, characteristic, cup of tea*, custom, cut*, description, design, druthers, flash*, form, genre, groove*, habit, hand, idiosyncrasy, kind, method, mode, number, pattern, peculiarity, rage*, sort, spirit, strain, technique, tenor, thing*, tone, trait, trend, type, variety, vein, vogue, way   in the United Kindom and  Fashion & Style

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Health & Beauty - physical attractiveness, allure, attraction, bloom, charm, class, delicacy, elegance in the United Kindom and  Health & Beauty

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Useful information and articles: Real Estate

Overseas Markets Help Malta Real Estate

International vacation home property markets the world over are seeing sharp price declines and a real lack of serious buyers as the recession hits home.
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Are Rents Falling ? – A Landlords Evaluation of UK Rental Amounts

Findaproperty recently revealed that average rents are falling in central London. After the fall out in the banking sector and following on from several years of strong rental growth we are not surprised by this trend. Property Hawk has set out to find out, is this trend being replicated across the country and what are the prospects for rents over the coming months?
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Majorca Real Estate Prices Set To Slump

The thought of buying a holiday home overseas for many British people has been an aspiration achieved by many since the early 1980's, when the UK allowed the free flow of capital, and property price gains allowed many to sell up in Britain and move to Spain and her islands - Majorca for example.
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UK Property Investment

First time buyers need to have a clear idea of what kind of home they want in the UK. Property prices are still at an all time high and so it pays to have a clear idea of just exactly what you might expect from UK property. First of all you want to be clear about what sort of property is right for your present needs.
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Bidding Manners at a Property Auction in the UK

All sorts of auctions can be really energetic ordeals. A property auction, specifically, can usually create competitive bidding between the participants. Without some careful organization, the procedure can become confusing, many times because the people making bids at UK property auctions fail to realize that a set of etiquette rules exist that spell out what acceptable behavior is at a property sale auction. Here are a few simple guidelines for polite bidding at property auction sales.
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